• Paolo Fabrizio

Where To Shop In Barrie and Toronto area during Corona Virus Outbreak

All over the news you hear stories about how the human race is deteriorating and how people are turning tragedy into mass profits. Stores jacking up prices on things like toilet paper, water and hand sanitizers, we even heard about people selling these essential items on Amazon for 100% more then regular pricing, human race has failed, or has it? In Barrie Ontario Canada there is a family operated business that has decided to buck the trend and has lowered all the prices on many of their products in store. Packs of pasta going for 50 cents of 3 for $1 and other products with similar discounts, the owner has decided it's more important to help people in need rather then profiting from their pain and suffering. Here is a quick video please watch and share, we should let as many people know about this place as possible.

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