• Paolo Fabrizio

It's Election Night In Barrie's Ward 3

Tonight is the night the City Of Barrie elects it's new Ward 3 Councillor. With 4 candidates being the front runners it will be shocking if one of the following candidates don't win.

Devin Scully- Devin has been campaigning daily with updates being posted to his Twitter everyday he is a young go getter and in our opinion is the front runner.

Tanya Sarri- Another candidate who has been canvassing the Ward, she probably has the most signs out in the ward and to be honest it's pretty impressive, she is another favourite to win.

Ann-Marie Kungl- She has been seen campaigning in the bitter cold and has been getting to as many houses as the other front runners, Kungl also has a large amount of signs out in the ward and is our pick to win this election.

Kelly Patterson-McGrath- We were surprised to see Kelly had a very healthy amount of signs in the Ward and should be considered as a top choice to take the ward.

Either way we hope you get to your phones or your computers and vote NOW! There is only hours to go.

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