• Paolo Fabrizio

Minden Ontario Art Costs Barrie 30 Thousand Dollars.

Our leaders here in the City Of Barrie are always telling us shop local, support local businesses buy local but when it comes to their decisions on spending taxpayer money anything goes. The City Of Barrie leased these three milk crates for 5 grand a year and now that the 3 year lease is up the wise members of council has decided to buy it out right, apparently The City was worried of a bidding war for these masterpieces or maybe we were scared that some other city would come and scoop these life altering works of art for themselves, either way we got them. City Hall has decided to pay another 15 thousand dollars to buy these three tiny ugly milk crates. I will have more on this but for now you can wet your beak with my video, hope you enjoy the art you paid for it.

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Click on the words below for the video.

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