• Paolo Fabrizio

Andrew Scheer Motivates No One

This election could possibly be the worst election of all time. I look at it this way, does any of these leaders motivate you to vote and who do you dislike the most?

I know this much, Andrew Scheer has the appeal of an appendicitis. The leader who least motivated me to go out and vote was Andrew Scheer. I really like my MP but having Scheer has his leader made my decision in this election so tough. All the leaders lacked charisma or that special attribute that makes you say geez I have to get out and vote, if anything this election was all about who ever you disliked the least you voted for them.

I hope the Conservatives learn from this and make the change needed to connect with Canadians.

So far it's Liberals 25 the Conservatives 5 the NDP 1 and the Greens 1.

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