• Paolo Fabrizio

Barrie Councillors Reject Saving Lives

A Barrie News Today Exclusive. Evelyn Pollock talks to us about what Barrie City Hall has done to help make the Opioids Crisis Worse! Listen to a passionate mother as she doesn't want what happened to her son to happen to yours.

Evelyn Pollock is here for a reason, she wants to save lives. Evelyn's son Daniel died of a Fentanyl overdose at age 43 in Orillia he was fond with a needle in one hand, Evelyn believes that a Safe Injection Site would help prevent what happened to Daniel. Evelyn was armed with a decision from a Supreme Court Justice that says lives comes first. Barrie city council has decided to basically stall the project actually Councillor Mike McCann of Ward 10 was the force behind killing the go ahead. The council has decided to hire a mystery consultant from a unknown firm at a fixed price of 50 grand. Who knows if a consultant is even willing to do all this unknown work for this price, I feel that the councillors messed this up, they should of voted either yes or no to the injection site and get it over with but now we are on the hook for 50 grand and maybe more. This has been differed to October but I could bet that it will be pushed and pushed and pushed.

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