• Paolo Fabrizio

Profanity and Shouts of Shame fill Barrie City Hall Meeting

To be fair, Mayor Jeff said he was in favour of allowing the emergency deputations from local area residents, for years now we have always heard from City Hall that "The People Are The City" well bull fuckn shit. This week council voted against listening to their constituents and not to have it's PEOPLE be heard, instead we got profanity and outrage from those attending the City Hall meeting.

The emergency deputations were a result of council voting to reprimand Ward 2 councillor Keenan Aylwin, Mr.Aylwin was being punished for truly representing his Ward 2 riding. Councilor Aylwin made some remarks about the non action of some local MP's when it came to denouncing racism is a timely manner. Here is the video and watch for yourself.

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