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One dead one injured in massive watermain break in Barrie

The people living in the south part of Barrie woke up this week to an unusual situation, no clean water. A massive watermain break located at the intersection of Big Bay Point and Yonge Street left the south area residents without drinkable water, and forced the city to issue a boil water advisory, if you want to use water it has to be boiled first to kill all bacteria.

The watermain break also brought many big businesses to a close including Starbucks and McDonalds along with Tim Hortons but the real tragedy came with the loss of human life as two area residents drove into the massive hole where the watermain break is located. No one knows yet why or how this happened or if there might have been a medical emergency involved but what we know as of now is that one woman has passed away due to her injuries and one man is clinging to life in critical condition at a Toronto hospital.

The city continues to work on the watermain and the massive hole.

We will keep you posted.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved.

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