• Paolo Fabrizio

Election Emergency!

If something doesn't happen soon we will be having a disaster, an election disaster. The deadline for registering to run in this years municipal election is tomorrow and at the time of me writing this there is no one running against Mayor Jeff there is no one running against Sergio Morales in Ward 9 and there is no one running against Mike McCann in Ward 10. If this stays this way, the upcoming municipal election will be the worst turnout in Barrie municipal election history. Why would people in Ward 9 and 10 show up to vote when there is no one to show up and vote for? Yes I know the school boards have candidates running but no one cares about those positions in fact the only reason why voters vote for school board trustees is because the option is there after you vote for mayor and then your local councillor. If there is no challenges for the Mayor's seat or for the Ward 9 or 10 seats believe me when I tell you NO ONE WILL SHOW UP TO VOTE.

We are begging and pleading with anyone reading this please think about running or if you know someone who has always shown an interest in local politics please send them to the clerks office to register, well first get your paperwork and 25 signatures then head towards the clerks office but hurry and do it now or else this will be the worst municipal election in Barrie history.

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