• Paolo Fabrizio

Patrick Brown Running Again

So mainstream media and fake online news were all reporting that Patrick Brown was done, that we was going to get a job at some law firm and be a lawyer something that he's never been in his whole entire life, I know he is a lawyer but he has been a politician since he graduated and has been the center of attention since he was first elected to Barrie City Hall and has done the only thing he knows what to do, campaign and win.

Patrick Brown is moving to Mississauga where he will run for Regional Chair of Peel Region.

Here is his link to his Facebook post


He will win and he will make a comeback, if you thought you would never see Patrick Brown again then you have no clue who the guy is, he is not a quitter and he never backs down, he's a winner and a campaigning machine.

Good luck to his competition their going to need it.

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