• Cory Turner

Looking For A Beach?

Paolo wants me to visit as many beaches in the Barrie area as I can and post them here at Barrie News Today, that way if you're heading to our beautiful city you will know where exactly you should be going and where you should be visiting.

The first beach I visited was Johnson's Beach, this beach has been a local kept secret and the people have tried to keep it a secret but the cat is out of the bag, the secret beach is no longer a secret.

Johnson's Beach has washrooms, change rooms and lifeguards it is also situated just minutes away from downtown Barrie where you can end your beach visit with a patio visit on one of Barrie's many fantastic patios. So head over to Blake Street and drive until you hit Johnson St and drive to the beach.

The Yacht Club is located right at the entrance of Johnson's Beach and there is parking available with stairs that lead to the beach. The North Shore Trail is also located here so you will have plenty to do and see when you visit Johnson's Beach

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