• Paolo Fabrizio

United Right Wins Election

So for anyone who paid attention to me the last past year I've been telling you that this election wouldn't be as close as the polls and media was predicting. It was going to be a landslide victory from when Patrick Brown was leader, add Doug Ford, and the P.C's might lose a few seats from what I was predicting Patrick Brown would win but it would still be a majority government.

The Liberal vote stayed home, they didn't even show up. They figured we don't want Kathleen back but we can't in good conscience vote for anyone else, so they didn't. The NDP and the Greens got the results that they would normally get during any other election the only difference would be the Liberal vote would be absent. The tough part for any of the smaller or fringe party would be to convince their right wing supporters to stay with them and not vote for Doug Ford but that didn't happen either, the right wing vote was united and the victory for Doug Ford sealed with the deaths of several smaller parties.

This was not your typical election, the Liberals have been falling for years and did everything but serve the province to the P.C's on a silver platter.The province was ready for a change and it didn't matter who lead the P.C's the conservatives were heading for power no matter what. Will the right stay united? I think this union will be together for the long haul just remember the result Mike Harris had on uniting the right, it would be years before we saw the rise of the smaller party.

The future is uncertain but one thing is for sure it's going to be a wild ride with a Ford in charge of the province.

More to come.

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