• Paolo Fabrizio

Ciao Chow Ciao! Places To Eat North Of Barrie

If you ever got lost driving north make sure you do it off hwy 12 in Orillia just north of Barrie. On the way to Midland, that's west when you get off the highway 400 and hwy 12 exit, you will come across a place that should be featured on any of the Food Networks shows about food or food trucks. Here you will find a cute little restaurant with a cute little food trailer parked in the same lot called Ciao Chow Ciao, hello eat goodbye, that's what the name roughly translates to. The owners will greet you with a smile and a friendly cheerful introduction. The food is amazing from smoked BBQ ribs to the essential Quebec style poutine with the Canadian standards like hamburgers and hot dogs.

The restaurant serves up the best Italian dishes you will ever try and the sweets are so tasty. So if you ever find yourself driving north make sure you head West on hwy 12 and hopefully you too will find this amazing place.



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