• Paolo Fabrizio

NDP Getting Help From Mainstream Media

It appears that mainstream media here in Ontario has taken a page out of the Russians handbook on how to interfere in elections. Canadian and American media reported that Russia helped Trump win by constantly posting propaganda and misinformation about election news and facts. Well here in Ontario the media has decided upon themselves to convince all of you that the NDP are on fire and in the lead, they also have you convinced that Andrea Horwath is the most popular leader, yes the same Andrea Horwath who propped up a Wynne minority government not too long ago the same Andrea Horwath who supported Wynne during the Gas Plant Scandal and the same Andrea Horwath who has been leading the socialist NDP for the past several provincial elections. So what changed? Why has the NDP all of a sudden the favourite? Why is Andrea Horwath the one to beat? Simple, brainwashing, propaganda and false information just like the Russians were accused of doing but this time it's Canadian media who has decided that they would pick the winner. If the media says it enough times the sheep dressed up as voters will follow and people will start believing that the media is correct and that there is no reason to support another candidate or party because the NDP will win, the media says so and if they say so then it's true, right?

It's all fake news and lies and propaganda that has you believing that the same party that has the same beliefs as the current party in power is some how going to be different by implementing the same policies.There is no difference between a NDP or a Liberal government both are almost exact don't ever forget the Bob Rae days.

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