• Clive Perkins

Libertarian Brett Dorion Surging In Latest Polls

The Liberals have something else to worry about in the city of Barrie Ontario and it's not just the threat of losing their seat to the Conservatives it's the threat of a new fresh face in Barrie politics. Brett Dorion is a very well known and well liked Barrie resident who has been active on the Barrie political scene since he was in high school, the young man represents the Ontario Libertarian Party and is posing a problem for all three main political candidates, there is a chance that Mr.Dorion's popularity might put him ahead of some of the bigger party's candidates including the Liberals.

Here is what Brett Dorion's team sent us about the very likable and well spoken Brett Dorion

"Growing up in a rural community, Brett Dorion realizes that family values, not government, are the true cornerstone of any society. That, without a true sense of unity among family, friends,and members of our community, no society can reach its true potential. He knows that the current scope and size of government has grown beyond its intended purpose and function, which has led to a misuse of our tax dollars without any regard for how it impacts the people of Ontario. He believes we need a smaller, and more efficient government. One that is both fiscally responsible, and more understanding of the needs of our people. This is why Brett Dorion is a strong supporter of true Canadian values, natural human rights, compassion, responsibility, and the liberty that our country stands for.

Looks like Mr.Dorion will be in this election for the win.

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