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Barrie ComiCon

Barrie ComiCon was in town today and it didn't disappoint, Alyson Court was the main artist attraction but I was blown away by the talent of Stephany Lein who was in attendance showing off her incredible new comic book Shelley which she graciously signed a copy for me and took a picture but the artist who has my vote for show stopper was Nigel Lewis from NCL Studios in Toronto, Nigel came up with the picture I have always had in my head but never could express it, all the fast food chains in an epic battle to the death. I took a picture with Mr.Lewis but my camera crew failed me, so I took some pictures of the art I bought from him along with his card and I'm posting them here. Get a hold of him if you wan't to buy one of these works of art for yourself.

Barrie ComiCon wasn't the largest event I have attended but it was packed with amazing artists, special shout out to Gilroy Originals, check them out.

Here are some of the web sites you should check out.

Nigel Lewis www.nclstudios.com

Gilroy Originals www.gilroyoriginals.com

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