• Paolo Fabrizio

Ice Storm Keeps Barrie On Ice

It's been two days of steady rain, snow, ice and now hail. The winter that doesn't want to let go is still hanging on and there is no relief from this weather any time soon. If you have to be out on the road please slow down, yesterday driving home from work I was passed by cars on BigBay Point as if it was a beautiful summer day, speed limit is 50 on a good day yet these turds were doing well over that. So be careful and watch out for the speeding turds who have no respect for safety. Here are just a few pictures from outside my house.

It's April 15 not January 15.

Ice covered homes in the South end of Barrie

Backyards are a skating rink once again.

No relief from the ice storm,

You can see the ice pellets coming down in this picture

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