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The Minority Mayor Of Barrie

30% that's it! Only 30% of eligible voters bothered to show up in Barrie's last municipal election.Mayor Jeff got 90% of 30% which comes out to a very tiny minority of people in Barrie actually voting for the Mayor. Why didn't anyone show up to vote?

The first reasonable explanation is that no one cares, the second and most likely explanation is that Mayor Jeff had no strong competition, he had a child run against him and some guy who might be a good guy but in reality had no chance against Jeff Lehman. The third conspiracy theory and the one I like is that none of the candidates appealed to anyone and they did not motivate voters to come out and vote, the voters rather stay home then go vote for a candidate that they didn't actually wanted to run their city.

So in recap Mayor Jeff became Mayor by not getting people to get out and vote but now comes the real question, if a real candidate steps up and puts her or his name forward for mayor will the results be different?

Our latest LRR poll shows that if Patrick Brown would run against Mayor Jeff the results would be like this

Patrick Brown 37%

Mayor Jeff Lehman 29%

Undecided or other 34%

We believe the most likely reason Patrick Brown would beat Jeff Lehman is because more residents of Barrie know Patrick Brown, one recurring question we received from people was Jeff who? Or who is the mayor now? Many people of Barrie have no clue who Mayor Jeff is or who their local councillor is.

Our local politicians need to do more to get their constinuents to get more involved.

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