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Latest Patrick Brown Rumors

Alex Nutall above Patrick Brown below.

This web site is quickly turning into some kind of tabloid web site, oh well that's okay as long as it's safe and not libeling anyone.

Our staff have been working the streets of Barrie and are getting all the latest gossip and rumors concerning some local political figures. Our most famous political figure is Patrick Brown and today we are learning there is a chance he will be trying to get his old MP job back. You read that correctly, the latest rumors has Barrie Springwater Oro Modonte MP Alex Nutall stepping down as MP and running for the MPP seat. Sounds crazy right? I don't think so. MP Nutall can say that he wants to be closer to home because he is raising a young family and that working in Toronto is easier on his family rather then the commute to Ottawa where he might be away from his family for days. So Alex steps down from his MP seat leaving it open for a by-election where Patrick Brown can come in and basically win his old job back, and most likely will win in a landslide. Patrick Brown can return to Federal politics and have a new start on a old job.

We want to make politics fun and interesting and we hope by bringing you all these scenarios that it might motivate some of you to get more involved in whats going on in your community.

Stay with us and keep visiting Barrie's top tabloid web site and send us any scenarios you might see playing out in the future.

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