• Paolo Fabrizio

Mayor Jeff Lehman Makes Major Announcement Today!

Today might be the beginning of Jeff Lehman's goal of higher office, today at 3 pm from Casa Cappuccino located in downtown Barrie, Mayor Jeff will be making his intentions known to the public.

The most likely scenario will be him announcing he will not be seeking re-election to be the mayor of Barrie and that today marks the first day of his quest to be MP of Barrie, Prime Minister Trudeau has visited Barrie several times in the past year making meaningless appearances the real reason why he came to Barrie was to convince Mayor Lehman to run for the Liberals in the next federal election. Alex Nutall barely squeezed out a victory in the last election for the Conservatives and will be a very easy target for Mayor Jeff and the Liberals, next time it will not be so close and Mayor Jeff will win in a landslide. Mayor Jeff Lehman is one of the most liked and respected mayors Barrie has ever had.

Barrie News Today will try and get some pictures from today's event but stay tuned for further updates.

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