• Paolo Fabrizio

Garfield Dunlop? It's His Fault!

Wait a minute, what"s going on here? Garfield Dunlop is running? All this mess is his fault, he first said Patrick Brown wasn't fit to run for provincial politics then he steps down to allow Patrick to run, then he supports Patrick then Patrick turns out to be a bust, Garfield's daughter is running in Patrick's old riding, oh my God my head is spinning. This whole mess started with Garfield Dunlop and his poor decision making skills. I thought the P.C's wanted a grassroots movement? I thought they wanted to flush out all the old ways of running a party? It doesn't seem like anything has changed.

Garfield Dunlop has no business running in Barrie Springwater Oro Modonte if he wants to run he should run in his old riding but of course they already decided to allow his daughter to run in Patrick Browns /Garfield Dunlop's old riding.

This shows nothing has changed, same old tired politics, no wonder the voter turnout is so bad.

With Patrick Brown announcing that he will not run for re-election all sorts of rumors have surfaced from ward 3 councillor Doug Shipley running to Tanya Granic Allen to former MPP Rod Jackson, I hope the Conservatives don't blow this like they did the leadership race and just decide to appoint a candidate, no matter what happens,this riding will be a wide open race thanks to the disaster that is the P.C Party Of Ontario.

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