• Paolo Fabrizio

Rod Jackson Running For MPP?

Looks like the Barrie political landscape is about to heat up. With Patrick Brown out as the Barrie, Springwater, Oro, Modonte candidate look for the return of former MPP Rod Jackson.

Rod Jackson is a very well liked guy and has many and I mean many hardcore supporters including yours truly. I was very happy with the work that Rod Jackson did as MPP and he would have gotten re-elected easily if it wasn't for an ill timed announcement from former P.C leader Tim Hudak, who made the infamous "I will fire 100 000 government employees" speech while in Barrie standing next to Rod Jackson. It wasn't Rod Jackson's fault he didn't get re-elected it was all Tim Hudak's doing.

I'm predicting that Rod Jackson will make his intentions known soon and I can't wait.

Rod Jackson will win very easily this time around.

More on this story will be posted soon.

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