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Patrick Brown Running For Mayor

Weeks ago I came out and told all you good readers that Patrick Brown will run for Mayor, did it come from an insider? Did it come from Patrick? Was I told by his campaign managers? No, I figured it out because I've been in Barrie for almost 15 years and many of those years I have been involved in the local political scene including runs at public office myself. I'm very familiar with Patrick Brown and his inner circle of friends which include local business people and many local politicians. I know how Patrick would react and I know what is going on in his mind and settling down and getting a job at some local law office is not something I see him doing. So I came up with the conclusion that Patrick Brown can save himself and his dignity by becoming Barrie's Mayor, and it's a good fit. People in Barrie love Patrick Brown and when it comes to local support Patrick has that market cornered. Did Mayor Jeff do a bad job? Should he be concerned about his re-election bid? The answer is Jeff did a sufficient job running the City Of Barrie but when it comes down to it Jeff is a radical, hardcore Liberal with ties to Premier Wynne and Prime Minister Trudeau. Can a Liberal be Patrick Brown? I'm not sure.

When it comes to getting re-elected it will be an uphill battle for Mayor Jeff, in the last election Mayor Jeff received over 90% of the votes cast, sounds impressive right? Not really! Only 30% of eligible voters bothered to show up and vote, where Patrick has the upper hand is he has the ability to get the voters out to vote and if you have ever been at a Patrick Brown event you know that he gets people out. Patrick Brown will win head to head against Mayor Jeff.

Since I posted my thoughts about Patrick Brown running for Mayor, Mainstreet Technologies have been calling Barrie households asking the question, who would you vote for when it comes to a head to head battle between Patrick Brown and Mayor Jeff Lehman.

So stay tuned as the announcement of Patrick Brown running for Mayor will happen some time soon.

Don't forget where you heard it first.

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