• Paolo Fabrizio

Patrick Brown For Mayor?

Patrick Brown above, Mayor Jeff below.

Why would Patrick Brown want to return to the Legislature as an Independent or a P.C backbencher? Makes no sense. As an independent he will have no say in anything that happens at the Legislature and and if he got elected as a P.C how can he look at the other P.C members after they all wanted to boot him out?

Patrick Brown strives on having power and without being in power Patrick Brown's life will be meaningless to him, he needs power he needs to be in charge and he needs to be able to control what's going on around him.

Some reporters may think they know who Patrick Brown is but believe me they have no clue, the people in Barrie know the real Patrick Brown. Patrick Brown works 24 hours a day be it campaigning or working on something that will give him some publicity, he thrives on work, he feeds on being in the lime light and if you think he's just some punk politician think again. He is loved in Barrie, why? He brings money to RVH on a regular basis through events like Hockey Night In Barrie where he brings former NHL'ers and current OHL'ers to the Barrie Molson Centre, and he sells the place out. I don't know how many other politicians can fill up an entire hockey arena but Patrick Brown does it on a annual basis. He brings doctors to Barrie through his recruitment program where he has brought many doctors to work here in Barrie. He's steadily involved in municipal affairs and he is always holding charity events.

Patrick Browns only hope for keeping the power he needs to live will be running for the Mayor of Barrie.

Makes sense, as Mayor of a large city Patrick Brown can hold on to that power he so desperately needs and more importantly being Mayor of Barrie will bring him back some dignity.

So look forward to the announcement from Patrick Brown that he will not be seeking re-election for his MPP seat but will be focusing 100% on improving Barrie as it's Mayor.

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