• Cory Turner

Patrick Brown Would Still Win Barrie Riding

Patrick Brown is probably the most popular person in Barrie, for those of you who don't live in Barrie you might not understand why. Patrick is the face of Barrie, he's always visible in and around the Barrie area and works 24 hours a day, always campaigning always active.

Patrick Brown has done so much for the City Of Barrie that it's going to take more then just accusations to get the people who love him to turn on him, don't get me wrong they're people who are already threw him under the bus and distanced themselves from the former P.C leader, these are the same people he helped get to power believe me without Patrick Brown most if not all of the local M.P's or the current councillors would have never been elected.

I witnessed myself the sitting M.P for Barrie/Innisfil call Patrick Brown one of his closest and dearest friends during Patrick Browns nomination for Barrie, Springwater, Oro-Medonte riding, weeks later he's no longer his friend publicly.

Patrick Brown might not have any real friends but he has real support from his constituents and if Patrick Brown decides to stay in the election he will win in a landslide.

No other Barrie politician can fill up a whole hockey arena with people and celebreties like Patrick Brown, no one can do what Patrick Brown has done for the City Of Barrie.

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