• Sash M

Elizabeth May Is A Hypocrite

I don't understand many things about politics but what I do know is that the Green Party just got away with murder, they avoided killing themselves because their leader is a woman. If a man was the leader of the Greens the outcome would have been completely different. Elizabeth may got away with being publicly drunk at an event and then saying Omar Khadar who is a known convicted international criminal had more class in one pinky then Prime Minister Harper had in his whole body, how is she still the leader of a national Party? Why haven't the media gone after her? Now she's being accused of being a bully in the work place the same sort of stuff that her and her party are saying should end, what? Why doesn't this on line blog write about her? Can it be that you're all running scared that you can't write about this horrible person. Being a bully is never okay especially in the work place and especially if you're the leader of a political party, grow some balls and write about this.

Sash M





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