• Darren Roskam

Patrick Brown screwed his party, too

The big thing for me, with Patrick Brown, is that he lied to get his

party's leadership, and thereafter began remaking the party in his

own, Liberal, image. He caused pain to others and didn't care. He

picked who he wanted, for candidates, ignoring the grassroots that he

swore to listen to. I am glad to see him go, no matter what the

mechanism was used to get the job done. Still, I have to admit a lot

of what he said to get the leadership of the party, made sense.

"This party needs a reset."

Yes, it did. Unfortunately, Brown was a Liberal in Conservative

clothing. That ruins it. Good riddance to Brown, and the party still

needs a reset. Who do we have as contenders? They are, pictured

clockwise from above, Vic Fedeli; Steve Clark; Lisa MacLeod; Caroline

Mulroney, Christine Elliott and Rod Phillips.

Brown also argued for "generational change." That is bigoted, to some

degree. As for winning this election, maybe he was right. I'm not

feeling any heat from Fedeli, nor Clark.

MacLeod is four years older than Brown. She looks pretty young. She

didn't impress me during the leadership race, though.

Mulroney? Are we all so stupid as to be impressed by her name, and

allow her to have the province, first try? Even Justin Trudeau had to

be an MP, first, for two terms, before he became Prime Minister. Star

power? Are they kidding? She is the weakest of the lot. Way too early,

way too much for her to handle and get over with the voters.

Elliott? The best choice. And she resigned her seat after losing to

Brown. Damaged goods, now.

Phillips was nominated in November to represent the PCs in Ajax and,

along with Mulroney, was seen as boosting the party’s star power for

the 2018 election. Until November 2017, Phillips was also the chair of

Postmedia, the country’s largest chain of newspapers, which includes

the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post. He also served as CEO and

president of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. under then-premier


Who cares? Good enough for a candidate for MPP, not for taking the

province, first shot.

See how valuable Brown was? These turkeys are the best the PC Party can do.

People like Andrea Horwath, not her party. They also have good

feelings for the Liberals, even if they aren't fond of Premier Wynne.

Brown was a liar, and maybe he did those things he was accused of,

maybe not. He was a seasoned politician and a relentless campaigner.

With very little time left, all the PCs have remaining are weak and

unknown replacements to work with. And by election day, whomever they

choose will still be a stranger.

-Darren Roskam

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