• Paolo Fabrizio

Patrick Brown Scandal, A Liberal Election Tactic?

Are you serious? How can you people think that anyone from the Liberal Party can seriously come up with this? It's like finding a needle in a hay stack. Did you think they went up and down Dunlop Street asking every girl that comes out of the dozens of bars that are in operation in downtown Barrie, "Excuse me miss have you ever had an encounter with Patrick Brown?" Nonsense, the only way this info could have ever gotten out was if someone who was there with him snitched. Why would one of his Conservative friends want to do this to him? Well lets see, the party was splitting apart some members formed the new Alliance Party and some members headed over to the Trillium Party add it all up and this meant that the P.C's were heading for an eventual defeat to the hands of Premier Wynne. The Party had to be saved by any means necessary.

The Patrick Brown resignation might work against the Liberals, because now that Patrick Brown is no longer leader many of the disgruntled members are coming back and with the right, safe choice for leader the P.C's might win a majority. This was not a Liberal plan but might turn out as a Conservative savior.

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