• Clive Perkins

Patrick Brown Dumped By His Friends

Walking up and down Dunlop Street in Barrie today and talking to local Barrie residents, gave me a sense that this City is deeply divided, it seems that the people are taking a wait and see attitude to see what comes from all these sexual misconduct allegations that Patrick Brown is facing. Talking with Terry who has lived in Barrie for over 20 years and has followed Patrick Browns political career from the beginning told me " Patrick has done way too many good things for this City and I'm sticking it out with him, I totally support him, he has always been there for Barrie."

Many other Barrie residents felt the same way, talking with Joe while I was getting something to eat at The Italian Bakery he was not impressed with the way other local politicians have thrown Patrick Brown under the bus. "This guy has always been there for all of them and now that he needs a friend they all abandon the guy, I hope he bounces back from this and sticks it to all you jerks in the media."

My new friend was talking about local politicians like Alex Nutall and John Brassard who both came out and denounced this kind of behavior and called the accusers brave.

It seems that the local people have Patrick Browns back but the many that he helped get to power many of them sitting as MP's or councillors have turned the other way.

The fact that no one on council or any of the two Conservative MP's have given words of support proves that they were never true friends with Patrick Brown and they just viewed him as a tool to hep reach their own selfish political goals.




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