• Paolo Fabrizio

Sunshine List and Welfare/Clients

Many of us seem to be working for others Posted on June 17, 2015 I want to start off with congratulations to all you working people who wake up every day, take care your families and yourselves. Thank you for putting 100% into your work every day. It’s vital that you keep working because so many other people depend on you so keep up the hard work. We also need to ask you to donate to local charities and volunteer in the community. We all need to try and do more; that way others who have difficulty contributing to society don’t have to worry and can keep living the lifestyle they are currently enjoying. You all know who I’m talking about, that certain friend of yours who refuses to find a job because work is pain, so who would enjoy pain? We all know that person, or family, who has made a profession out of taking from others so they don’t have to experience pain. Many of us are so preoccupied with work that we never actually wonder how effective are these social programs? When I say social programs, I’m talking about welfare recipients. This past week we hit a milestone; it’s tax freedom day. In theory, all the blood, sweat and tears that you had to endure at your jobs have been all for the government. Imagine, since January to now, all your pay was for the government. So if you use math, and for my green friends, use science, it equals about 40% of your pay, maybe a bit more, depending on how much you made. So where did your money go did you say, taxes? Yes, that’s true it went to taxes. But what did your government do with your money? Local government would have used it for our local roads, water treatment, social programs and other priorities. These are all tax spending dollars that I can see in action. So when I see great roads and clean water and safe streets, I can say ‘well, at least my money is doing some good.’ But when I see things like the Sunshine List and see many of the people who are taking our money, I have to wonder who is watching our money, who is making sure it is going to worthy places and worthy causes? The sad answer is that no one is watching out for us; it’s as if Genghis Khan himself is ruling over our land and it’s pillaging time for those in power. You have so many examples of government workers taking advantage of us. Look at the Senators. They used us as their personal bank, just taking what they want without any remorse. In fact, they want us to feel sorry for them. Poor Senators, how can we expect them to fly and eat what the airlines are serving? We can’t trust anyone with our money anymore. Sunshine lists haven’t worked and you can forget about asking to see the welfare list. Imagine how many years some have been on the list. We just spent over $20 million investigating the Senate. When is it time for us to investigate the client list as well? Keep working my friends, so many people depend on you. Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner before they fired me and went belly up. Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist. Paolo Liberty Rules Radio



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