• Paolo Fabrizio

Liberty Rules, Magna Carta

Are your children familiar with the Magna Carta? Originally Posted on November 4, 2015 This week was very exciting for me, as my friend Nunzio had pointed out to me that the Magna Carta was going to be on display in Toronto for few days. Then it would continue travelling to another city, so if I play my cards right I would actually be able to see with my own eyes the Canadian birth certificate of our democracy. Eight hundred years, that’s how old this King John document is – 800 years of living history and proof that our founding fathers had it right when King John declared that this document would keep those in power in check, and it would remind future leaders that they lead the country by the will and consent of the people. The Magna Carta for me is a big deal; it’s sort of like an insurance policy against bad governments and is something that I always have hope and faith in knowing that we can always rely on this document to keep us on the right path. Imagine how excited I was to tell my family that we were about to witness Canadian and world history. Imagine how happy I was to see the smiling faces on my children when I tell them the good news that we were going to spend a day together being part of this great moment. You can also imagine the look on my face when they all stared at me with complete blank looks on their faces and said “The what Carta?” Believe me, I try to teach my children as much as I possibly can about history or politics or world issues and if they have no idea what Agenda 21 is or what UN stands for or what pasta carbonara is, I swear I can handle it. But for them not to know what the Magna Carta is was a little bit of a shock. The first time I ever heard of the Magna Carta was when I was boxing. My coach would tell me “Fight as if you’re defending the Magna Carta” and it would always get me riled up and I’d fight harder. We would spend 20 minutes before every training session talking about history, world issues and anything else I would have questions on. My coach knew everything about anything, so I was pretty blessed having a teacher that gave me so much knowledge. But what happened to today’s kids? I see what’s happening in our education system and I can’t help but get upset. We have always had this mentality of ‘what about the children syndrome’, yet we don’t really care about our kids. Why would we think a one-size-fits-all education system would be beneficial to our children? Don’t we want our kids to be individuals, don’t we want our kids to believe that every single one of them is special? So why do we turn them into walking zombies? Our kids today spend 10 years in the elementary school system, just to enter high school without the basic skills of reading and writing. The education system here in Ontario has failed our children and it’s not our fault; we are too busy commuting to work and trying to keep our heads above water. We don’t have the time to stop and look to see what’s going on with our children. We are all brainwashed by the government, which has convinced us it would take care of our most precious assets – our future, our children. Imagine if I had been teaching your kid baking for the past 10 years; today your kid would be a red seal chef looking at a six-figure salary. Now look what 10 years of government education gave your kid.




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