• Paolo Fabrizio

Barrie Examiner Closing Shop

I was contacted by a local independent news paper asking me my opinion of the closing of The Barrie Examiner, the question was asked because I was fired by this paper not too long ago because I refused to change my style of writing. I was the columnist behind Liberty Rules, a column that was printed every Thursday in the paper and might of been the only column that regularly got a great reaction from the readers, I would always get comments and readers would send angry letters or positive letters to the editor no matter how you looked at it I brought the readers back, time and time again. I spoke about personal responsibility, I spoke about freedom and liberty, I said things that most people were thinking of but to afraid to say anything about it, I was their voice I was their libertarian part of their brain.

I remembered the day I got fired, I had refused to edit down one of my columns and the new woman they had hired to be in charge didn't approve of my pro liberty voice, my words of freedom, so she decided to shut down freedom, she decided to trash liberty. As I was going down I remember saying the Examiner wont last another year but I will still be here and Liberty will still have a voice and choice, sure enough the ass holes who thought they can shut down the people and what they want to read are now done and gone, thank God.

Barrie News Today is still here and so is Liberty Rules!




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