• Clive Perkins

Halloween Fun At Chappell Farms

October could possibly be the month with the most fun, Thanksgiving followed by Halloween. So the question that comes up every year is where to take the family for some fall fun, well I took a trip to Chappell Farms and found out that I wish October would never end. Haunted Houses, animals, hay rides and of course thousands of pumpkins in their pumpkin patch. Here are some pictures from our fun filled afternoon but to experience all that they have to offer go check them out for yourselves and check the web site that way you can plan your visit. Here is a tip for all of you who are coming to get pumpkins, do not forget to take one of the wheel barrels with you you're going to need it, they are provided to you at no extra cost.

The cost to get in is $6 but that includes a pumpkin that you pick yourself and the best part is you can pick a huge pumpkin or a tiny one it's all up to you all for just 6 bucks. Get the family out there today.

Chappell Farms is located at 617 Penetanguishene Road Barrie and you can get more info by checking out their web site


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