• Clive Perkins

Solar Eclipse Barrie Style

I love our solar system it gives me hours of joy as I stare into the vast endless skies through my Celestron Advanced VX6 Refractor Telescope I get taken away with imagination and dreams. Today is like Christmas for me and many other astronomer geeks as we get the gift of a partial solar eclipse. My plan is to set up at Centennial Beach in Barrie and watch the complete eclipse and then enjoy a dip in the water, I might go for a dip while the eclipse is on, when will I get the opportunity again to go swimming during an eclipse? If you plan on watching the eclipse please make sure you're properly outfitted with the right eye ware. A good place to check for proper eye ware is at New Eyes Old Skies you can visit them at their web site and check with them on what you will need to enjoy today's solar eclipse or to get more information on getting into astronomy.





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