• Paolo Fabrizio

Anti-White Rally Tonight

There has been plenty of bad news these days, terror attacks in England at a concert, stabbings in Finland , people getting mowed down by a van in Barcelona and a senseless murder at a White rally in the U.S, all of these acts were fueled by hate. So to show solidarity against acts of terror and hate a anti-white rally has been organized for tonight starting at 5:30 pm at Barrie City Hall. The main speaker will be Mayor Jeff Lehman and a Green Party candidate. Barrie News Today doesn't endorse fighting hatred with more hatred so we wish the organizers well and hope they don't paint all white people as racist Nazi's as the main stream media has been doing. If you would like to attend go to Barrie City Hall and participate but check with their Face Book page first and make sure your race is accepted to participate.

Barrie City Hall will be the place for the anti-white rally



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