• Paolo Fabrizio

Centennial Beach

City Of Barrie is looking great, the roads are getting paved the sidewalks are in great shape and best of all our beaches are crystal clear. Centennial Beach in Downtown Barrie is the place to be if you want to enjoy clean sand and clear clean water. The City has a giant inflatable fun zone for the kids to enjoy right on the water and lifeguards on duty. This city in my opinion gets five stars and deserves it. The city has put down new sod and paved more parking to add to the beach front. Congratulations to Mayor Jeff who has turned this city around 100%, Barrie is the place to be. This weekend is looking great with sunny skies and warm temperatures so pack up your cars and join your family and friends in Barrie for a fun day on the beach.

Bring your sunscreen because it's sunny.



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