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The Tea Party In Barrie

There's a river flowing through my veins, holy crap!!!! The Tea Party will be in Barrie this Sunday playing live at Allandale Station Park in Barrie Ontario Canada! The Tea Party is a very popular Canadian rock band who will be touring France and Australia after this Barrie appearance. How the heck did Barrie pull this off?

Sunday July 23 at 8:45 pm The Tea Party will rock on stage but before they get into it, you can get there early and listen to two other great bands performing. U.S.S or Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker will get on the stage at 6:15 pm followed by Sky Diggers at 7:25 pm. This is all in celebration of Canada's 150 brought to us by the government of Ontario #ontario150

If you have friends from out of town please let them know and get them to stay with you, show them how great Barrie is, the lake shore is looking fantastic.

Here are some helpful links just in case you need more info.







Hope to see you all out at the show.

Say hi and I will snap a photo of you and post it here at Barrie News Today

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