• Paolo Fabrizio

Mainstream Media catching up with Barrie News Today

It was written here days ago that I predicted that Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman would run against Patrick Brown, I know through friends and contacts that the Liberal party are all worried about the up coming provincial election, you can say whatever you want about current PC leader Patrick Brown or you can spread as many rumors as possible about dissension among some party members but none of it will save the Liberals from the beating they are about to receive from Patrick Brown, the only hope the Liberals have is to go after the heart of the party and defeat Patrick Brown in his own riding. If the Liberals can defeat Patrick Brown then maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. They will still lose the election but by beating Patrick Brown they will have put the PC fire out and can start rebuilding quickly. The only human on this earth that can beat Patrick Brown is Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, Barrie News Today asked 100 people today if they had a choice between Mayor Jeff and Patrick Brown who would they vote for, here are the results.

Mayor Jeff got 53 votes

Patrick Brown received 44

Three people said neither of them.

Today the mainstream paper in Barrie reported that Mayor Jeff is thinking about the idea of running for the Liberals. Thanks for showing up Mainstream Media

but we already wrote about it and we also wrote how Councillor Doug Shipley would run for Mayor next election.

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