• Paolo Fabrizio

Better With Brown

Patrick Brown walked in a packed legion hall like a Rock Star. I'm not kidding you, the crowd roared into applause after every sentence he said. He had the support of people like Garfield Dunlop, Doug Shipley, Rose Romita, John Brassard and so many other current and retired MP's and MPP's. His speech was solid, never did he break into a hmm or a ahh, his sentences all made sense and he always had his eyes on the crowd. His speaking ability was always excellent but now he has taken off to another level.

I'm not totally sold on the Conservative Party and I'm still a hard core Libertarian but everything he said sounded Conservative and would definitely appeal to someone who had been disenfranchised with the party. He does have the party on the right track and his work ethic is second to none, I witnessed for years how hard he works so I know that he will bring his party to victory and he will be the next Premier of Ontario. Here are some pictures I took from tonight's meeting.

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